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Gen Z Is Using Fashion TikTok To Fight Climate Change. Will It Work?

With TikTok, many Gen Z users are becoming involved in the sustainability movement because of this innovative primary source of environmental news.

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 This episode is dedicated to raising awareness for environmental sustainability and the importance of collective action in creating a cleaner and safer future for all. 

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Playing Dress Up & Living Circular With Estella

This week, we sit down with Estelle Viviene, founder of Ethica, an online thrift store working to make the world of fashion and shopping more sustainable. Estelle talks about her reasoning behind creating Ethica, how her life has been changed by thrifting, and most importantly, how YOU can start making a difference in the way you shop.

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Progress Not Perfection: Estella, founder of Ethica Clothing

The fashion industry is in desperate need for a sustainable revolution. With this being the second most polluting industry after oil, this article explains how Ethica is showing what we can do to make a difference and be the change. Ethica is defining what it means to “celebrate and preserve life beauty through sustainability!”

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 Happy News Network

Happy News Network on Instagram: “Join us as we chat with Estella Struck of @ethicanyc "

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Circular Fashion & Sustainability

In the 34th episode of the Even the Little Things podcast, Hannah and Dhwani are joined by Estelle Struck, founder of Ethica, to discuss circular fashion, sustainability, and fast fashion. 

Even the Little Things

Gen Z Small Business Roundup!

It’s always a great time to support small businesses, now more than ever! Despite the circumstances of 2020, these five Gen Z-owned small businesses have poured their hearts and souls into their products.

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Your Closet Goes Green

In this short but sweet episode, Amrita and Anika talk sustainability in the fashion industry with Estella Struck! She founded the business Ethica NYC and has over 30k followers on Instagram, 150k on Tiktok, and 2000+ sales. She shares her knowledge about circular fashion and climate change as well as some tips on starting a passion project!

No Therapist, No Problem

Interview With Estella: Founder and Chief Executive 

Today’s interview is with Estella Struck, Founder and Chief Executive of Ethica, a clothing brand that promotes sustainability and protection of the environment while offering stylish and unique fashion

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Sustainable Fashion For All: Estella Struck

This week’s episode features Estella Struck, founder of Ethica! Ethica is a brand that aims to promote circular fashion by selling second-hand clothes that are both trendy and timeless. Ethica has released more than 10 collections and sold 2,000 pieces worldwide! Tune in to this episode to hear about how Estella started Ethica, how Ethica is promoting slow fashion, and how we can be more sustainable in our fashion choices.

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