Who Does Your Clothing Represent?

Tamar Hoch

By: Tamar Hoch

We’ve all heard the saying, “no two snowflakes are alike,” and how so too, no two humans are alike. It’s a cliche, but it’s true. No one person has the same exact personality or looks as someone else. So too, every single person has their own sense of style and expression. Unfortunately, many people, myself included, have felt the pressure to dress exactly like everyone else and to stick to the status quo. This means constantly having to buy new clothes, and shopping at fast fashion brands. Not only is this harmful to the environment, but it’s also harmful to you. Following the trends and wearing what everyone around you is wearing limits your self-expression. Everyone should feel like their clothing is making a statement about themselves. Your clothes should be as unique as you

One of the best feelings is buying clothing that represents me and no one else. When I look at it I know that I picked it out because I saw myself in it, not because everyone is wearing it and I wanted to fit in. When I wear said clothing out in the world I know that people are seeing the real me, and not a facade. The best way to do that is to shop second-hand. Not only is it sustainable and ethical, but everything you buy is one of a kind. We know that shopping second-hand can seem daunting, but not with Ethica. We are dedicated to helping you find your own style, while also making it easy to do it sustainably. It’s important to us that when you get dressed in the morning, you look and feel like yourself. And I admit it, it’s hard. Finding the courage to wear what you feel comfortable in and not just whatever is out there is not an easy task. But it’s a possible one. It requires effort, patience, and bravery, but you can do it. Anyone can. And the best way to do it is to shop second-hand. 

Everyone has their own unique style, so why don’t you find yours at Ethica? 

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