The Most Important Decade

Tamar Hoch

By: Tamar Hoch

Right now is the most essential time for us as human beings. This is the defining decade when it comes to the survival of our species. This decade is our chance to reverse the harm we’ve done. Will we save our planet or destroy it? 

It’s scary to think about the devastating effects of climate change. From drastic weather conditions, to extinction of species, it’s not a pleasant future. We’ve been gradually ruining our planet’s ecosystems over the years, now it’s time that we fix it. If we don’t change our ways in this decade, things could get so much worse. 

But it’s important that every single person is on board. As our founder Estella Struck says, “It’s all of us or none of us.” If everyone puts in the effort to try and save our planet, there’s a chance we can succeed. But we can’t get there by going halfway. We need everyone to participate, including and especially those in charge who are responsible for so much of the damage in the first place.

You may be wondering “what can I possibly do about it?” Well first things first, you can make small changes in your lifestyle to lessen your carbon footprint. Shopping second hand, using more reusable products, or composting food scraps are just some of the ways that you can make a change. Think about what you do each day that could be harmful and think about changes you can make. Do you use a plastic toothbrush? Maybe get some bamboo toothbrushes instead. Do you shop at fast fashion brands? Try going thrifting and buying second-hand to avoid supporting those kinds of companies. 

At Ethica, we make it easy for you to make a change in your lifestyle by shopping second hand. We want to help, and we want to inspire you to help too. 

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