Preloved, Not Unloved

Tamar Hoch

By: Tamar Hoch

We’ve all done it. We buy a shirt or a dress or some pants that were just so cheap you had to buy them. And then they end up sitting in your closet going to waste because you didn’t really like them that much. It’s hard to think about but before those shirts or dresses or pants got to you they were made by workers enduring terrible conditions in factories that cause a lot of harm to the environment. That article of clothing was unloved before it got to you and it was unloved once you had it too. Clothing like that is not worth it. It’s bad quality so you keep having to buy more of them, ultimately making you spend more money than you would have if you’d just bought one good quality article of clothing.

The solution to that is to buy secondhand. The thing about secondhand clothing is that it’s not preworn, it’s preloved. Yes, someone else had that shirt or those pants but they loved that clothing and it’s life wasn't ready to end. So when it was time to move on, they didn’t throw it out, rather they passed it on to someone else. And that someone should be you. Buying preloved instead of unloved clothing is the way to go if you want to live an ethical and sustainable life.

Ethica makes it easy to buy preloved, not unloved. 

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