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Tamar Hoch

By: Tamar Hoch

          Let’s say you discover that one of your shirts has a hole in it, what do you do with it? The common response would be to throw it out. Or if you’re doing your spring cleaning and you find clothes you don’t want anymore, those clothes often get dumped in the trash. But that’s not necessarily the right response. It turns out that so many people throw away their clothes when they're done with them, that one truckload of clothing per second is thrown into landfills or burned. Not only is that an exorbitant amount, it’s also entirely preventable. Why fill up our landfills with clothing that doesn't need to be there? It’s important not to waste your clothing, especially considering all the hard work that gets put into making it in the first place. 

          So what can you do instead? If you discover your shirt has a hole in it, or there’s a bunch of clothing in your closet you don’t want anymore, don’t just throw it away. You donate or mend it. If you don’t know how to mend it, there are other places or people who can. Sometimes an item really can’t ever be worn again. That’s fine! It can become something else. Turn it into a dishrag to clean up your messes, or find some other use for it in your home. The point is that no item of clothing really ever needs to be thrown out. Become a part of the circular fashion industry and don’t trash your clothes, give them new life instead

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